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Experimental Musical Instruments:
Used to be the magazine for the whole gamut of experimental musical instruments and music. Now it's the web site.

Glass Music International:
Organization dedicated to promoting glass music world wide. Especially focuses on the Glass Armonica.

Supports and links the ever broadening community of Zimbabwe style Mbira and Marimba. The site has a wealth of resources: musicians, happenings instrument builders, materials...

Once a magazine, the site is dedicated to diverse folk instruments.

Music for People:
An organization promoting and facilitating improvised music making for people of all abilities.

Rhythm Web:
Connections to just about anything to do with rhythm. Very linked.

An amazing collection of a wide variety of musical instruments.

Glass Art Barcelona
A blog on Glass instruments, en Espanol.


Some very cool metalophones using spikes (very large nails) for keys. Sound clips and a virtual Spikaphone.

Barry Hall, Burnt Earth:
Makes a wide range of incredible instruments out of clay. Site has many photos and sound clips.

America's Shrine to Music Museum
Lot's of instruments from around the world.

Earth Vibe Music
Musical and percussion instruments from around the world, music CD's from independent bands and musicians.

Will Menter's Site
Will makes and plays a slew of very creative musical instruments including a large slate marimba. Also on the site are recordings from his group.

Musical Furniture
Very nice looking indoor and outdoor furniture that's playable.

Drumset Connect
Just about everything for the set drummer.

Musical Instrument HQ
Lots of Links to a wide variety of instruments.

Ela makes very interesting visually gripping sculptural musical pieces that are used in conjunction with dance performance. A unique blend of the performing, visual, and sonic arts.

Roots production
Andrew Masters makes very nice kalimbas (thumb pianos). His site has lots of photos and sound samples.

Tom Kaufmann/ Tinkertunes
Tom is a musician who has created a wide assortment of interesting instruments. He also has created a"Traveling Musical Instrument Petting Zoo "

"Hank Drum"
Dennis has come up with a design very similar to my Whale Drums with higher pitches made from the small, portable propane tanks (similar in sound to a "hang drum). He shares his design on this site.

Conga Joy
Drums, instructional videos, repair.

Classifieds to help you find used and pre-owned guitars, drums and other musical instruments. List a guitar or other instrument for free

( some performers with sites who use my instruments)

Brad Dutz
He's been called 'One of L.A.'s true oddballs'. A merger of Harry Partch and Spike Jones, a musical whiz kid and a hopeless crackpot". Many call him "The funky frame drummer" or "The twisted tabla man." L.A.'s hippest musicians call him to ask if he'd come down and give them a bit of his special sound and energy."
Brad plays a wide variety of percussion.

Dean Shostak
A very talented Glass Armonica player (amongst other instruments), and soon to be glass violin and glass psaltry player. Site also has info on the glass Armonica.

Lynn Drye
Lynn is a very talented Glass Harpist and percussionist. Her second CD (I can't speak for the first because I haven't heard it yet) is very entrancing glass harp music with a surprisingly wide range of musical styles. Her site is a very interesting exploration into glass music.

Evelyn Glennie
Incredible percussionist who, partially deaf herself, has done a lot of work bringing music making to other deaf people.

N. Scott Robinson
A very fine frame drummer and percussionist.

Valerie Dee Naranjo
Native American percussionist and singer. (see books and recordings)

Emil Richards
An extremely talented percussionist who's played just about everywhere with just about everyone. On top of all else, Emil has done lot's of studio work in hollywood. Check out his bio and collection of instruments.

Steve Gryb
"Steve Gryb is a nationally recognized and innovative award-winning guitarist, multi-percussionist, jazz and contemporary music educator, lecturer, clinician, author, endorser, and musicologist with over 25 years experience entertaining audiences of all ages with a wide variety of musical shows."

Jan Seiden
An extremely talented flute player in the Native American tradition and an extremely nice person. The link will take you to samples from her latest CD.


See also Books and Recordings

Spellbound Radio Show
Radio show of glass instruments. Has various information, playlists, musician listings.

Ellipsis Arts
They offer an incredible selection of music including compilations from around the world. A lot of awesome collections which no one else has ever thought of (including my favorite, so far, "Planet Squeeze Box"). They're great people to work with and to support.

The Real Space Music
Hear live "music" from outer space from space weather.com.

KT Percussion
Download sheet music for percussion.

Sound Healing and Music Therapy

Music Education and Music Therapy for Children and Youth with Disabilities:
Title about sums it up. Lots of links and resources.

Music Therapy Info Link
Lots of links to Music Therapy sites.

Ashera Hart
Ashera is a "singer, rebirther, empath, ritual dancer and bodyworker, she emphasizes the power of sound with intention to free your mind, body and spirit!" She has incredible vocal talent/intention.

"Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena, is a science pioneered by Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist, Hans Jenny (1904-1972). For 14 years he conducted experiments animating inert powders, pastes, and liquids into life-like, flowing forms, which mirrored patterns found throughout nature, art and architecture. What's more, all of these patterns were created using simple sine wave vibrations (pure tones) within the audible range. So what you see is a physical representation of vibration, or how sound manifests into form through the medium of various materials."
An eye opener to how deeply sound can affect things/us on a physical level.


Unrelated but Cool Sites


BJI Designs
A "show-room" of Barb Ingersol's 3D imagery. Very cool stuff. She's won several awards from Bryce and three of her works are included in the current "How-to" Bryce book. She also does Web page designing and created my virtual instrument pages.


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