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Nigerian and West African Drums and Percussion:

drums, sekeres, rattles

Sizes shown disproportionally.

A. Djembe drums:

Drums from West Africa. Bright "slap" tones and deep bass. Lg. (>12" head)-$220 and up. Call for availability and prices, usually many drums to choose from.
Prices and sizes can vary with every shipment I receive so please check before ordering.
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B. Sakara family of Drums:

Goat skin on a clay frame with "sticks" driven between for tautness. These drums are played with a stick for an unusually bright, loud tone. The skin can be stretched with a finger while playing for a "talking drum" effect. Sounds great on it's own or really stands out when played along with larger drums.

Sakara drum (1"x9") -$20 out of stock; Atele drum (1"x7")-$15; Omole drum (1"x5")-$11
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C. Sekere:

Made from gourd or calabash loosely covered with beads; when tapped or shaken it produces a loud, rattly sound. Can hear over many drums.
All out of stock!
Available in xlg.(~12"dia.)-$40; lg. (~9"dia.)-$20; med.(~7"dia.)-$14; sm.(~5"dia.)-$10.
Prices and sizes can vary with every shipment I receive so please check before ordering.
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D. Ekasa Hand Rattle:

Made from the naturally hard Ekasa nut shell, makes a soft yet sharp and distinct "giggling" sound while shaking. May be shaken or strapped to the waist. The sound is similar in level but lower in pitch to a sekere and carries well with drums.

Nylon wrapped handle,4"dia.-$10, slightly bigger size-$12 , with wood handle-$12
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E. Ekasa Ankle Rattle:Out of stock

A little mellower sound than the hand rattle, but still carries over drums.
May be worn on the ankle or wrist -$7.
Double length ankle rattle for double wrapping or small waists -$13
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X. Ekasa Belt:

Louder than the anklet, and very popular in African dance and with belly dancers.
Double row of Ekasa Nuts: $20
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Due to my supplier's going out of business, my stock of African instruments is very limited currently. I hope to find a new supplier soon.

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