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I offer these books as an inducement for people to more deeply explore possibilities in creating music.

Sounding the Inner Landscape, Music as Medicine
Kay Gardner

An excellently written and thorough book on the whole health effects
of music and "sound" healing. 270 pgs. $14
Out of stock and out of print. Try Amazon.com

Musical Instrument Design: Principals for Instrument Making
Bart Hopkin

A generously illustrated overview of design principals for acoustic instruments
covering traditional and experimental designs. 180 pgs. $18.95
Order from: Experimental Musical Instruments

Making Simple Musical Instruments
Bart Hopkin

A well explained and illustrated manual for the construction of a slew of
simple, interesting instruments. 144 pgs. $24.95
Order from: Experimental Musical Instruments


Some recordings including instruments by Jim Doble

I'm not one who's impressed easily or sings praises lightly when it comes to music.
The following artists, etc. are definitely worth checking out.

Tom Dest is an incredibly versatile, talented, and often outrageous percussionist. From traps, hand drums, to mallet instruments, he's plays passionately and creatively. He makes an Amadinda sing like no one else. Matt Murphy sums up Tom's ability nicely: "Tom's got sheer raw talent."
Tom's tape "Deep in the Woods" is not just a sonic journey into the woods, but a journey into our primal senses and sensitivities. Awesome. He's just come out with a CD, the parts of which I've heard, are great. You can contact him directly if you want to get a piece of his music:

E-mail: Destsbest@aol.com
Web: http://hometown.aol.com/destsbest/myhomepageindex.html
Tom Dest
PO Box 290980
Wethersfield CT 06129


Valerie Dee Naranjo is another very versatile and talented percussionist. She is a marimbist, percussionist, vocalist, composer and musicologist who has dedicated herself to exploring the relationships between indigenous music in Africa and the Americas. Valerie currently plays with several groups including the Saturday Night Live Band. On her recent CD "Orenda" she plays various percussion instruments and sings traditional Native American songs. She uses a Stonaphone in the intro to Yo Beyune on the CD. I highly recommend checking out her web site at www.mandaramusic.com You can order "Orenda" from The Relaxation Company



Mimi Bornstein-Doble, though she didn't use any of my instruments on her recent CD, I really need to plug her anyway. For one, she did an awesome job; two, she's my former wife.
A pianist and vocalist, she approaches both instruments with incredible sensitivity, passion, and talent. Her CD, "It's the Music", is the product of her best works to date. The songs range from contemplative to celebratory, all come from the heart, and all are a reflection of her own rich spirit. The list of supporting musicians reads like a who's who in the Northern New England folk world. The CD was produced by Kay Gardner.
"It's the Music" is available through me, or Mimi : mimi.bornstein@gmail.com


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