In stock cat devils

Not ALL cats go to heaven!
These whimsical cat devils are handmade from native pine
and are handpainted with acrylic colors. 
they are finished with a protective acrylic coating,
but are suitable only for indoor display.
cat devils come with a metal hanger on the back
of the cape so that they hang easily on the wall.
sizes vary, as shown below each photo.

All cat devils are $25.00 plus $10.00 shipping

to order, please email us at:

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Calico Household Pet Devil

household pet calico
4.5" Wide x 9" High

grey tabby household pet

Household Pet grey tabby
4" wide x 7.25" high
Tuxedo Household Pet Devil

household pet tuxedo
4" wide x 7.5" high
persian blue smoke devil

persian blue smoke
5.5" wide x 8" high
Persian Calico Devil

persian calico
5.5" wide x 8" high
Siamese Devil

4.25" wide x 9" high

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