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Sound Healing

Sound has an under valued and incredibly important impact on our well-being.
We are very basically made up of miniscule pieces of vibrating sub-atomic particles. Expose those particles to sound and their vibration changes. Expose us to sound and our whole being responds and shifts on a cellular level.

Right now the sound of your computer (not to mention all the low frequency sound waves vibrating you subliminally) is actually shape-changing your cells . Pretty scary. But don't run screaming from your computer yet. You have the ability to retune yourself to a healthier feeling vibration. Turn on some music that grabs you, get really into and focused on the music, get up and dance around or sing to really get it into your body. Feel good?

Any time we're feeling cruddy; tuning into the right music or, much more powerfully, voicing through song or instruments has the ability to bring us through the crud into a better state of vibration.This is sound healing at it's most basic and accessible form.

Delving a little deeper into the art of sound healing, we actually have the ability to retune our old mind-sets, vibrate our way through disease and depression, get in touch with "lost" parts of our selves, and literally expand our minds. Some of this work requires the help of the more talented "sound healers", but much can be accomplished with the right tools and knowledge. To be able to "tune" ourselves is one of our greatest gifts.

For more on Sound healing as compared to Music Therapy and a description as to specifically how my instruments are useful to both, check out the Music Therapy page.

Check out my links page for more encompassing sites about sound healing.

Jim Doble

Beat Frequencies:

Beat frequencies are one of the tools available in sound healing, meditation, or just feeling good.

Beat frequencies happen when you have two notes tuned slightly apart played simultaneously. You hear the two notes plus feel a third which is tuned to the difference between the frequencies: the beat frequency. The pitch of the beat frequency is far lower than we can consciously hear, but you can hear a kind of wavering "wa,wa,wa". This frequency can be tuned to match the frequencies of our brain in various states of consciousness. Through entrainment (the "craving" of similar frequencies to beat as one), we can actually lead our brain into different states of consciousness.

This is basically how "mind machines" and subliminal tapes work: By setting up a series of beat frequencies to bring your mind to a receptive state of conscience. As I don't necessarily trust giving over my brain to a tape or machine, I use the same principals in user-controlled musical instruments. I usually take a pentatonic tuning and add various "beat" notes next to the regular notes [ie. Fountain, River Drum, and Miriam's Aquarion on Experimental... page, Aquabeat (hear real audio sound clip) on Glass Instruments page]. I usually tune the beat frequency to help lead one into a Theta mind state. Theta is the most intuitive state of mind between asleep and awake. It's the only time the two halves of the brain synchronize, and your mind is literally expanded. It's where most forms of meditation intend to take you.

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