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Glass Musical Instruments:

Glass is a remarkable sound source. The sound of these glass musical instruments is incredibly soft, clear, and resonant. There is an unusual water-like quality to the tone which is very relaxing and meditative, a wonderful stress melter. These glass mallet instruments are used for performance, meditation, relaxation, and simple pleasure.

It may seem out of place to be striking glass with a mallet, but these are sturdy musical instruments. I use 1/4 plate glass which is pegged with rubber coated nails. One would have a difficult time breaking a key with the included mallets.


Pentatonic Glass on Oak

Pentatonic Aquarion
10 keys on oak base.....$195

Diatonic Aquarion (15 keys ,C4-C6, 35" long, on oak base).....$245

Chromatic Aquarion, (middle C4-C6, photo below). Set up like a standard marimba.
Two bases which could be played seperately or slid together for playing chromatically...$445

Click Here for descriptions of tunings.

Chromatic Aquarion
glass marimba


3 Octave Chromatic Aquarion

This Aquarion utilizes extra pieces of glass laminated to the ends of the bars in the lower octave to help bring out those low tones.
The bass octave doesn't ring quite as clear or loud as the middle of the instrument; but if you really want the extra range or low end, it's here.
3 Octave Chromatic Aquarion (C3-C6 , pegged keys)....$665



glass marimba for sound healing

(recorded soft, so turn up the volume to hear well)

This has a Pentatonic tuning with three added "beat frequency" keys on a oak base.
When the dark keys are played concurrently with the adjacent keys it sets up a "beat" effect which is tuned to help entrain your mind towards a more relaxed and elevated state of awareness. Ideal for meditation, sound healing work, or simple relaxation.

Two octaves, three "beat" keys (shown).....$235
I can make these with up to ten "beat" keys.


Almost All Glass Aquarion

For those who want the look of all glass. I can't peg into glass sides, but I can cheat and use Acrylic for the base.
A bit more expensive tha the regular versions , and also much more delicate. I Don't recomend carting this one around too much.


Glass Gong

My most recent glass instrument.
This one is 2' diameter .
The Glass Gong won't bend your ears like a regular metal gong; the tone is
much more subtle and mellow.
It's suitable more for personal toning than rousing the neighbors.
Price depends on size and desired mounting.
As pictured, cost is $200 (+ a $40 packing fee + shipping if it's shipped.)


I can also make larger, custom, "bass" Glassophones using laminating techniques.
The sound is soft, but deep and rich, great for sound healing work.

I'm currently experimenting with other glass musical instruments: Gongs, Tongue Drums and musical instruments especially suited for sound healing. See some on the Experimental page. For any Hammered Dulcimer players out there, I'm now making a "never have to tune" Glass Dulcimer.

I'm happy to customize any of my instruments to suit your needs.

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