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Featuring unusual, hand-made mallet percussion by Jim Doble

For the last eighteen years I've devoted a good amount of time to creating new percussion instruments with new sounds. I make a "line" of mallet percussion as well as custom, experimental, and one of a kind marimbas and musical instruments. I sell to professionals, schools, science and children's museums, music therapy centers, and to total novices. All musical instruments are well built for years of playing. They're available in pentatonic, diatonic, and chromatic tunings (see "About Tunings") as well as custom and experimental tunings. I also sell West African drums and Nigerian made drums, small percussion and related books and recordings.
I'm constantly updating this site and adding new instruments. Recently, I've added playable virtual instruments of glass, stone, and metal as well as expanding my page of instruments specifically suited for children's museums and playgrounds. Also new are large stone instruments and added sound samples.
I now accept Paypal as well as checks and credit cards. Soon I'll be expanding my "do it yourself" Construction page. Check out the new page dedicated to Whale Drums.
Also, check out this recent documentary on me and my instruments.


So, save a bookmark and stay tuned....

Look, listen, play, let me know how I can help your musical explorations.
Jim Doble


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Instruments for Children's Museums

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Virtual Musical Instruments

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Books on sound healing and musical instrument construction; Recordings which use my instruments.

 About Tunings:

The tunings I use.

Sound Healing & Beat Frequencies

Using music for healing & Tunings that help expand your mind...


Music Therapy:

Music Therapy and Sound Healing explored; Specific uses for instruments in both...

 Basic Xylophone Construction

Some of the how-to's for doing it yourself


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