In stock custom designs

  all of these pieces are made of separate painted wooden panels
attached to one another using glue and screws. 
This gives each piece a more dimensional look. 
  they are finished with a protective acrylic coating,
but are suitable only for indoor display. 
A metal hanger on the back of each piece
allows it to easily hang from a wall.
sizes and prices vary and are noted below each photo.

to order, please contact us at:

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Dalmation Pile O Pups

pile 'O pups - dalmations
10.5 wide x 10.25 high x 1 deep
$50.00, plus $16.00 shipping

When Pigs Fly - Guinea Pigs

when pigs fly - guinea pigs
11.5 wide x 14.5 high x 2 deep
$75.00, plus $16.00 shipping
Yin Yang Dachshunds

yin yang dachshunds
7 wide x 5.25 high x 1.5 deep
$50.00, plus $16.00 shipping

some of our in-stock artwork is available through our  ETSY SHOP

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